MOLGENIS/compute at IWSG-2013

 MOLGENIS/compute was presented at 5th International Workshop on Science Gateways, IWSG 2013, Zurich, Switzerland

Visual Analytics for Bio-Workflows at NBIC-2013

 Towards visual analytics of bio-workflows presentation was given at the NBIC-2013 conference, Lunteren, Netherlands

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Visual Analytics for Bio-Workflows at BIOINFORMATICS-2013

"Visualization of bioinformatics workflows for ease of understanding and design activities" paper will be presented at the BIOSTEC-BIOINFORMATICS-2013 conference, on February 11th, 2013, Bercelona, Spain. [ ...

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MOLGENIS/compute workshop at BioAssist meeting

MOLGENIS/compute workshop took place at the NBIC Bio Assist meeting, in Utrect, Oct.12, 2012

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MOLGENIS/compute at IWSG-Life 2012

MOLGENIS/compute demo was given at the 4th International Workshop on Science Gateways for Life Sciences, May 23-25 2012, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Welcome to the Groningen Genomics Coordination Centre

Groningen Genomics Coordination Center is the bioinformatics hotel of University and University Medical Center. GCC functions as Data Coordination Center or Data Analysis Center for small and big data projects in genomics, clinic and biobanking. Services and tools include:

  • Analysis pipelines for NGS, GWA, GWL, e.g. compute & pipelines
  • Biobank catalogues, e.g.  Lifelines and  BBMRI-NL
  • Research portals for multi-omics laboratory, biobanks, consortia, e.g.  WormQTL
  • Patient registries, rare disease, personalized medicine and mutation databases, e.g.  DEB,  CHD7
  • Large data infrastructure, e.g. 2 Petabyte high-speed storage, 960 cpu cores
  • Data Coordination Center and/or Data Analysis Center, e.g.  Genome of the Netherlands

We are highly motivated to collaborate on these tools and to share all our software and best practices via the  MOLGENIS project

We are part of the Groningen  Systems Genetics Network


GCC is a growing team of 10 researchers, programmers and system managers headed by Dr. Morris Swertz (m.a.swertz@…) set up to develop, manage and exploit new bioinformatics models, software and tools to enable and support the next generation of GWA, GWL and NGS experiments. In the past two years GCC is organized as a bridge between the UMCG Department of Genetics providing bioinformatics support for the next generation sequencing facility (Prof. C. Wijmenga), the RuG Centre for Information Technology building towards  ‘petabyte’ scale storage and compute infrastructure, and the Groningen Bioinformatics developing new bioinformatics method for high-throughput data (Prof. R.C. Jansen). Moreover, GCC is strongly rooted in national and international including the European Bioinformatics Institute,  Netherlands Bioinformatics Center, Netherlands Proteomics Center,  BigGrid,  EU-GEN2PHEN, EU-CASIMIR, EU-PANACEA and  BBMRI-NL. All GCC tools are collected in the open source  MOLGENIS software project.

Contact head Morris Swertz (m.a.swertz@…) for more information or check Internships or AboutGcc

Our team members: TeamMembers

Study Capturing and Sharing Applications

Analysis Applications

Shared Modules


See GccIntranet for a complete overview

Collaborations & Projects

  •  GBIC - Groningen Bioinformatics Center, our method partner
  •  Genetics - UMCG genetics department hosts the GccTeam
  •  CIT - Groningen Center for Information Technology hosts our data and computations
  •  BBMRI.NL - Project lead of BBMRI-NL Bioinformatics
  •  NBIC - Lead Biobanking task force Netherlands BioInformatics Center
  •  LifeLines - Developing IT infrastructure for 30yr/165.000 people cohort study
  •  EBI - Visitor European Bioinformatics Institute
  •  EU-GEN2PHEN - Associated partner Genotype to Phenotype project
  •  CASIMIR - Invited partner Coordination and Sustainability of International Mouse Informatics Resources
  •  SYSGENET - European systems genetics network
  •  PANACEA - Pathway analysis in C. elegans
  •  BioSHaRE - BioSHaRE