How to connect to wireless and wired network

Internet / external network

The eduroam and guest networks provide basic internet access, but you cannot access the intranet website, nor printers, nor network shares, etc.

  • UMCG Guest WiFi and wired network
    • All visitors can access these guest networks.
  • eduroam WiFi network
    • When you work at a University, Applied University or UMC, your home institute most likely participates in Eduroam. If this is the case you can use the account from your home institute to access the eduroam WiFi network.

Intranet / internal network

In order to access printers, the intranet website, network shares, etc. you have to connect to the internal UMCG network. Intranet is only available for those who work @ UMCG. (This includes interns, volunteers, etc. who have an UMCG account.) Your connection options depend on the type of device you use and/or in which department you work.

UMCG computers managed by UMCG MIT

These are computers, which are running Windows 7 and are managed by UMCG MIT (The central ICT dept.) You can access the intranet using:

  • Wired UMCG network connection
  • UMCG WiFi network connection

In both cases the known machine can authenticate using the 802.1X protocol to get access.

Computers managed by user

This is for machines managed by users themselves and hence not managed by UMCG MIT (The central ICT dept.) You cannot access the UMCG WiFi and your only option to access the intranet is:

  • Wired UMCG network connection
    • Authentication by user with UMCG account who is a member of the Genetics Dept. using 802.1X protocol.
    • (Machine cannot authenticate as it is not known)
    • (Does not work for users from other departments)
    • Instructions for users on
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