xQTL workbench - Galaxy and Cloud

There are many alternative ways to connect or deploy xQTL in powerful environments such as web services, the C programming language, Galaxy, or the EC3 cloud. Here we will highlight some of these possibilities.

xQTL as a Galaxy datasource

To connext Galaxy to xQTL, please follow the generic tutorial for Molgenis applications. It can be found here.

Running in Cloud EC3

Vagrant Debian squeeze installation for cloud deployment:


So this boils down to:

Install Vagrant
gem install vagrant

Download and start Debian Squeeze in SSH mode using Vagrant
vagrant box add debian_squeeze_32
mkdir squeeze_demo
cd squeeze_demo
vagrant init debian_squeeze_32

Forward port and/or IP (TODO)
Open Vagrantfile with your favourite text editor. Change these lines:
# ""
# config.vm.forward_port "http", 80, 8080

Start the Vagrant box
vagrant up
vagrant ssh

Install dependencies
sudo su
apt-get update
apt-get install ant git-core default-jdk -y

Install and start xQTL workbench
mkdir xqtlwb
cd xqtlwb
git clone
git clone
ant -f molgenis_apps/xqtl_dev.xml make_run

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