xQTL workbench - Tag data and configure parameters

What is tagging

Data matrices must be linked to an analysis before they can be selected when starting to run this analysis. This happens in the DataSet part of the analysis.

  • Analysis: the complete definition an an analysis, including data, parameters and function call.
  • which has one DataSet: the wrapper for a set of data which can be used in this analysis. (can be shared across analyses) For example: 'Rqtl_data'.
  • which has multiple DataNames: the 'types' of data used. For example: 'genotype' and 'phenotype'.
  • which has multiple DataValues: the cross references to datamatrices which are applicable to this type of data. For example, for 'genotype' -> 'bxd_geno', "bxd_geno_corrected", "yeast_geno_2011", "mygenotypes", etc.

How do you tag

  • Automatically through the Import Data plugin in the case of QTL data. An uploaded phenotype matrix named 'humanGeno' is tagged as 'Rqtl_data' -> 'genotype' -> 'humanGeno'.
  • Easily with a helper plugin called Tag data, found under Configure analysis. This presents you with an overview of matrices and possible tags, which can be applied in one click.
  • Manually by using the menu Configure analysis. Select Configure datasets and configure Datanames and Datavalues.
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